2024 T.I.P. Championships Declared Horses (Declarations received as of 5/31/2024. Next update: July 8, 2024)

Horse Name Horse's Show Name Rider Name Declared for:
Runs Like a Tiz Catwalk Manipole, Kerianne M Very Green Hunter 2'0" |Beginning Hunter 2'3" |Senior English Pleasure
Cincinn Cincinn Gierszewski, Anna N Western Pleasure
Cross Match Cross Match Briand, Dawn First Level
Don't Flash Me Don't Flash Me Horton, Nicola M Introductory Dressage |Training Level Dressage|Crossrails |Very Green Hunter 2'0"
Enduring Honor Enduring Honor Nakrin, Joy Special Hunter 2'6" |Suitable Hunter 2'9"|Low Hunter 3'0"
Onawingandaprayer Flight School Reber, Casey N Special Hunter 2'6" |Suitable Hunter 2'9"|Senior English Pleasure
Glorious Weekend Glorious Weekend Horton, Emma J Hopeful Jumper 2’6" |Suitable Jumper 2’9”
Krocstyle Krocstyle Gilbride, Jacqueline N First Level|Training Level Dressage|Introductory Dressage
Lucky Devil Lucky Devil Gilbert, Lindsay Beginner Novice CT
McArthur Parkway McArthur Parkway Mekulski, Carly M Special Hunter 2'6" |Hopeful Jumper 2’6"
Don's Topdog Prince Charming Higo, Margaret E Starter CT
Don's Topdog Prince Charming Higo, Margaret E Special Hunter 2'6"
Recurring Dream Recurring Dream Sexton, Jace A Low Hunter 3'0" |Suitable Jumper 2’9” |Schooling Jumper 3’0” |Training Jumper 3’3” |Open Jumper 3’6"
Weekend Cowboy Smooth Operator Corti, Jennifer Novice CT |Training Level Dressage
Straighttotheheart Straighttotheheart Andrews, Allison E In-hand Division Obstacle Trail:
Stretch Four Stretch Four Marissa Bacino Training CT|First Level|Schooling Jumper 3’0”|Training Jumper 3’3”
Ready to Show Sunset Boulevard Addalai Clark Senior English Pleasure
Ready to Show Sunset Boulevard Gardner, Katie O Special Hunter 2'6"|Suitable Hunter 2'9"|Low Hunter 3'0"
Unbridled Bull Unbridled Bull Glica, Ashley Beginning Hunter 2'3" |Low Hunter 3'0"
Unnamed % Honest to Betsy Uptown Girl Corti, Jennifer Beginning Hunter 2'3" |Senior English Pleasure
Pragmatist Virginia Gentleman Dunleavy, Blair L Starter CT|Beginner Novice CT |Introductory Dressage |Training Level Dressage|First Level
Armando's Team Yes Please Mcleod, Elizabeth S Very Green Hunter 2'0" |Beginning Hunter 2'3" |Senior English Pleasure|Western Pleasure

American Eventing Championships
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