2021 T.I.P. Championships Declared Horses (as of 7/09/2021)

Horse name Rider Name Declaration Form Rec'd Hardship Rec'd (Accepted)
A Million Reasons Why Jamie Gilbert-Kulp Yes
Angelina Ballerina Colleen Johns Yes
As You Wish Melinda Saegert Yes
Avogadro's Constant Victoria Kager Yes
Ballenger Stephanie Bristol Yes
Beamer Samantha Martynowski Yes
Catori Samantha Kench Yes
Dashing Vixen Kate Boggan Yes
Despicable Me Lily Brumbeloe Yes
DW's Warrior Samantha B Hines Yes
Etched in Stone Lauren Domenico Yes
Finn It to Win It Rachel Grammer Yes
Guest of Honor Hayden Rogers Yes
Gung Ho Julia Vassar Samson Yes
Hay Y'all Watch This Ashleigh Hastings Yes
High Honors Chloe Butler Yes
Kiss the Girl Natalie Ross Yes
Kopy That Christy Harris Lyons Yes
Monty's Tune Rory Frangos Yes
Quiet Wildcat Becca Pizmoht Yes
Sage Advice Victoria Kager Yes
Shebe My Valentine Wendy Frevert Yes
Skyline Jayme Nault Yes
Started in Brooklyn Sally Pearl Fisher Yes
Top Gun Grace Federico Yes
Vinny Van Go Diane Pincheon Yes

2020 T.I.P. Championships Declared Horses Any issues with submitted forms are noted below - email tjctip@jockeyclub.com with any questions.
  • Note: Due to the cancellation of the 2020 T.I.P. Championships, all 2020 qualified horses with a Declaration Form postmarked by August 3, 2020 are automatically qualified for the 2021 T.I.P. Championships (see 4th column below). Any horse without a 2020 Declaration Form on file by the deadline has to qualify for the 2021 Championships and submit a timely 2021 Declaration Form.
Horse Name Rider Name Declaration Form Rec'd/Hardship Accepted 2020 Qualification Carried to 2021 Dressage/CT
Abatement Reese Dorsey Yes Yes
Alabandus Audrey Benedict Yes Yes
Always Lucky Kara Hertz Yes Yes Yes
Always the Optimist Kalyee Williamson Yes/Accepted Yes
Andy Dufresne Elizabeth Zuelke Yes Yes Only
Andy Po Po Amanda Richard Yes Yes Only
Apollo's Chariot Carryn Mullins Yes Yes
Armani Raven Gropp Yes/Accepted Yes
As You Wish Jennifer Griffiths Yes Yes
Aye Bay Bae Stephanie Martin Yes Yes
B. B. King Martha Petrovick Yes Yes Only
Back Alley Boss Jolie Coelho Yes Yes Yes
Bad Bad Leroi Brown Rebecca Seabrook Yes Yes
Bank Run Carla Nieser Yes Yes Only
Banner Bill Natassia Stallings Yes Yes
Baymax Kasi Huver Yes Yes Only
Biker Boy Sarah Tluczek Yes Yes
Bisoux Molly Kindness Yes Yes
Boa Sorte Kerianne Manipole Yes Yes
Boi George Elise Wells Yes Yes
Booker's Wild Idea Erin Neville Yes Yes Yes
Border Force Holland Kantar Yes Yes
Break the Rules Nicole Cahill Yes Yes
Bubba and Tee Annie Cornett Yes Yes Only
Bullseye Rebecca Seabrook Yes Yes
Ca C'est Bon Angela Cole Yes/Accepted Yes
Caballo De Regalo Hannah Rawlings Yes Yes
California Girl Jennifer Cobb Yes Yes only
Call Me Gold / Sinatra Anna Harbaugh Yes/Accepted Yes Only
Call Me Tony Belle Devault Yes Yes
Captain Morgan Hannah Teague Yes Yes
Captain's Mast Hannah Rawlings Yes Yes
Cary Street Erin Fergusson Yes/Accepted Yes
Charmabull Desiree Killey Yes/Accepted Yes
Cheat Code Jody Abbey Yes Yes
Check the Label Suzanne Paulette Yes Yes
Check, Please Kira Willadsen Yes Yes
Chisholm Sarah Coleman Yes Yes
Chocolate Delight Reba Merritt Yes Yes
Churchill Marilyn Meyer Yes/Accepted Yes
CMA Pop Tartt Hannah Ong Yes Yes Only
Coast to Coast Elizabeth Leppek Yes Yes
Cole Power Maggie HItron Yes Yes Yes
Colt Forty Four Kit Lewis Yes Yes
Count Julian Amanda Richard Yes Yes Only
Cruella de Vil Corinne Hause Yes Yes
Crypt's Maei Star Khilia Tyese Giacobone Yes Yes
Curieux Allie Calderon Yes/Accepted Yes
Curious George Lauren Latimer Yes Yes
D'Humerus Sable Fetty Yes Yes
Dazzling Deputy Mark Hartman Pending - Must submit qualifying show record to qualify as hardship - no T.I.P. Show Yes
Deadly Ruler Lindsay Gilbert Yes Yes
Deadpool Mellisa Warden Yes Yes
Der Vogel Ashley Duvall Yes Yes
Diesis Storm Meghan Swad Yes Yes
Dispatcher Stephanie Calendrillo Yes Yes Only
Divine Cause Mallory Sensenig Yes Yes
Don't Doubt Dylan Dana Garred Yes Yes
Dora Samantha Scigouski Yes Yes Only
Double or Nothing Olivia Peck Yes Yes
Dressed to the Nines Alexanda Adams Yes Yes
Dunkirks Spirit Lucy Deskins Yes Yes
Effervescent Morgan Mickel Yes Yes
Eklund Victoria McKinley Yes Yes
Em Rocz Elise Mauer Yes/Accepted Yes Yes
Em Rocz Elise Mauer Yes Yes
Enfield Glen Madison Houghton Yes Yes
Epona Mollie Goto Yes Yes
Etched in Stone Lauren Domenico Yes Yes
Exquisite Lexi Bryant Yes Yes
Facetime Maureen Fagan Yes/Accepted Yes
Featherweight Leta Polzin Yes Yes
FGF Cold Hard Blast Devon Olivier Yes Yes Yes
FGF Hekla Logan WIlson Yes Yes
Fifth Avenue Krista Kukovec Yes Yes Only
FInal Finale Molly Kindness Yes Yes
Finn It to Win It Rachel Grammer Yes Yes
Finny Boy GGF Skyler Hendricks Yes Yes
Foster the People Sara Gatchell Yes/Accepted Yes
Frankly My Dear Katie Gardner Yes Yes
French Fry Porter Laney Yes Yes
Full Throttle Morgan Worley Emerson Yes Yes
Gallifrey Devon Olivier Yes Yes
Gemini Michelle Hannan Yes Yes
George's Cigar Ella Moss Yes Yes
Gingers Hero Krista Lynn Healy Schaefer & Lillianna Schaefer Yes Yes
Go Bananas Alexandra Buseski Yes Yes
Go Biggy or Go Home Sarah Shanberg Yes Yes
Goin' Coastal Lauren Flesher Yes Yes
Golden Frontier Lauren Moore Yes Yes Only
Got to be Perfect Rachel Causey & Paige Thomas Yes Yes
Greeley's Dude Jennifer Cobb Yes Yes only
Happy Hour Katherine Latimer Yes Yes
Hard Knock Life Ryan Watson Yes Yes
He's Got Legs Sarah Hodge Yes Yes
He's So Awesome Ashton or Ashley Yablonsky Yes/Accepted Yes
Heaintwhistlindixie Alison Kropf Yes Yes
Hendricks Elise Yeomans Yes Yes
Henwen Meghan Kursman Yes Yes
Hollister Katelynn Krieger Yes Yes
Honor Me Natassia Stallings Yes Yes
Hoodue Julie Saunders Yes Yes
Hot Tin Roof Kara Corpman Yes Yes Only
Hush Up Lilly Musso Yes Yes
I am Dynamite Katie King Yes Yes
I'm Still Standing Amanda Blust Yes/Accepted Yes
Indy Tower Annie Cornett Yes Yes Only
Innocent Till Proven Laura Hansen Pending - Must submit qualifying show record to qualify as hardship - no T.I.P. Show Yes
Irish Bob LeAnn Ross Yes Yes Yes
Jakes Shake Madison Houghton Yes Yes
Karisma Devon Olivier Yes Yes Yes
Keeneland Breeze Caroline Saliba Yes Yes
King of Hearts Shelby Strah Yes Yes
King's Pawn Libby Richie Yes Yes
Knight Moves Katie Armstrong Yes Yes
Knight's Blade Bella Turner Yes Yes
Kool Cat Taylor Wienold Yes Yes Need CT or dressage qualifying show
L'Etoile Brilliant de Milwakee Vanessa Lempicky Yes/Accepted Yes
Lady Gaia Cynthia Wells Yes Yes
Lady of Rain Mary Wright Yes Yes
Leap of Faith Elizabeth Leppek Yes Yes
Leisurely Sabina Chambers Yes Yes
Lily is Fast Sophia Aul Yes Yes
Little Guard Kelley Davis Yes Yes
Long Time Coming Lexi Poteat Yes Yes
Love Story Pam Cibula Yes Yes
Lucky Finn Paige Dugan Yes/Accepted Yes Yes
Lucky Warrior Sydney Anderson Yes Yes
Lucrecia Devyn Pulisic Yes Yes
Lure Me In Patricia Conway Yes Yes
Macho Man Kendall Pray Yes Yes
Made In America Bailey Moriarty Yes Yes
Maei Platinum Star Khilia Tyese Giacobone Yes Yes
Maestro Kara Corpman Yes Yes Only
Magic Knight Ashley Bruch Yes Yes
Magical Rose Wheaton Hardwick Yes Yes Yes
Make the Point Cathy Sanders Yes Yes Only
Manhattan Striker Anna Huard Yes/Accepted Yes
Marble Cliff Julie Reese Yes Yes
Marine Major Courtney Padrutt Yes Yes
Mawhinney Maggie HItron Yes Yes Yes
Miss Potenza Rebecca Jones Yes Yes
Mo Bandit Melissa Rega Yes Yes
Mr. Brutus Grace Regan Yes Yes Only
My Fiammetta Laura McDonald Yes Yes Only
My Only Beau Breana Rivero Yes Yes
My Pot of Gold Karl Hancock Yes/Accepted Yes
Nafir's Best Rand Peterson Yes Yes
Nefarious Haven Pruszynski Yes Yes
Nine Lives Julia Mazzarella Yes Yes Only
Nitro Fuel Lisa Wescott-Dreyer Yes/Accepted Yes
North Sky Jennifer VandenBoss Yes/Accepted Yes
Nosy Parker Michelle Hannan Yes Yes
Okie Buckaroo Alicyn Bozone Yes Yes
Old Grandad 114 Sofia Pigato Pending - Must submit qualifying show record to qualify as hardship - no T.I.P. Show Yes
Oliver Kash Mary Wright Yes Yes
Oliver Twist Katie Whittern Yes Yes Only
One and All Jayme Klosterman Yes Yes
One Brave Warrior Nicole Russo Yes Yes Only
Optimism Amanda McRae Yes Yes only
Optimist Prime Taylor Irwin Yes Yes
Oscar Shrugs Martina Ciliberto Yes Yes
Ossetra Daunine Hoenemier Yes Yes Only
Our Wild Wives Amanda McRae Yes Yes Only
Pablo's Storm Kelley Davis Yes/Accepted Yes
Peppermint Prince Jackie Clegg Yes Yes Yes
Pirate Captain Hannah Ong Yes Yes Only
Prairie Rebel Caitlin Maddox Yes Yes
Preachers Son Brynn Jones Yes Yes Yes
Prince of Mann Jennifer Schwartz Yes Yes
Promiscuous Krista Steinmetz Yes Yes
Proximate to Power Caitlin Maddox Pending - Must submit qualifying show record to qualify as hardship - no T.I.P. Show Yes
Pure Rush Nova Greiwe Yes Yes
Purely Grateful Kelly Fleming Yes/Accepted Yes
Queen of Spades Amy Parsons Yes Yes Only
Quick Trial Mallory Wetherby Yes Yes
R & R Jessica Anderson Yes Yes
R Dirteater Natalie Darscheid Yes/Accepted Yes
Rare Find Maureen Fagan Yes Yes
Ravenbro Kendall Pray Yes Yes
Recurring Dream Jace Sexton Yes Yes
Reina Sofia Jenna Post Yes Yes
Rhythmicity Carlee Hove Yes Yes
Riot in the Heart Ashley Van Meter Yes Yes
Roaring Rebel Erin McKinney Yes Yes
Rock Hard Attitude Anastasia Curwood Yes Yes Only
Runyon Catherine Enright Yes Yes Yes
See Ya Soon Reese Dorsey Yes Yes
Shawkilito Karen Winn Yes Yes
She's All Even Mary O'Connor Yes Yes
Silver Lining Jaycee Causey Yes Yes
Silver Lining Emiliana Benny Yes Yes
Silver Sapphire Seva Perniciaro Yes Yes Pending
Skyline Jayme Nault Yes Yes
Smooth Chanter Emma Vack Yes Yes
Snap Decision Kristen Brennan Yes Yes Only
Staggs Madison Houghton Yes Yes
Standford Mary DeYoung Yes Yes
Steel City Blues Julia Mitchell Yes/Accepted Yes
Sterling VIxen Jennifer Cain Yes Yes Only
Storming the Beach Kim Selby Yes Yes
Street Jersey Lauren Burke Yes Yes Yes
Such a Gentleman Jordan Atwell-Purcell Yes Yes
Summer Place to Be Belinda Hoffman Yes Yes
Summer Stone Stacey Miller Yes Yes
Synthesizer Camryn Mattox Yes Yes Only
Ten Pleasures Brianna Blackmore Yes Yes Yes
That's No Limit Lucas Anderson Yes Yes
The Mystery Machine Morgan Presley Yes Yes
The Ole Gen Karen Rizzone Yes Yes
This Is Gonna Be Fun Maggie HItron Yes Yes Yes
Tiz the Man Hannah Kinlaw Yes/Accepted Yes
Tonight We Dance Faith Waelz Yes/Accepted Yes
Tonya Josie Butterfield Yes Yes
Top Shelf Kelly McAninch Yes Yes
Trade Route Camille Corbieu Yes Yes
Tres Borrachos Laura Hansen Pending - Must submit qualifying show record to qualify as hardship - no T.I.P. Show Yes
Two Punch Girl Olivia Stroika Yes Yes
Ufeelinit Breggo Kendall Pray Yes Yes
Ultraslan Laura Moquett Yes Yes
Unbridled Allure Leah Hayes Yes Yes
Unclaimed Freight Kaitlin Young Yes Yes
Unfolding Blame Mellisa Warden Yes Yes
Unsolved Mystery Kaylynn Berry Yes Yes
Utopia Erin Butler Pending - Must submit qualifying show record to qualify as hardship - no T.I.P. Show Yes Yes
Vali's Halo K. Sue Halterman Yes Yes only
Venturist Samantha Klein Yes Yes Only
Vintage Dreams Sarah Seitz Yes Yes
Virtual Machine Hannah Hartman Yes Yes
Voxton's Seamist Abrielle Naylor or Peyton Naylor Yes Yes
Wachacha Mallory Sensenig Yes Yes
Walnut Grove Jameson Vinette Yes Yes
Warrior Vixen Susan Edwards Yes Yes
Wave Maker Amanda Tucker Yes Yes
Welsh Wizard Megan Stackhouse Yes Yes Yes
When In Rome Courtney Weeks Yes Yes
When In Rome Alyssa Paulette Yes Yes
Wicked Witch of the West Isabella Campanelli Yes/Accepted Yes
Wink Anna Hoover Yes Yes Only
Xtra Glide Maryann Dugan Yes/Accepted Yes
Zip in TIme Natalie Rowland Yes Yes

American Eventing Championships
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    • If you need to add a rider, log into your account at www.tjctip.com and add the Rider.
    • If you need to apply for a new T.I.P. Number with the correct owner and rider, log into your account at www.tjctip.com. Email the new T.I.P. Number to the AEC Show Secretary (AECentries@gmail.com) and T.I.P. (tjctip@jockeyclub.com) NO LATER THAN MONDAY AUGUST 30.
    • If your horse is not on the list but is a registered Thoroughbred, apply for a T.I.P. Number at www.tjctip.com. Email theT.I.P. Number to the AEC Show Secretary (AECentries@gmail.com) and T.I.P. (tjctip@jockeyclub.com) NO LATER THAN MONDAY AUGUST 30.
    • Horses not on this list by Monday August 30 will not be eligible for T.I.P awards at the American Eventing Championships.