T.I.P. Championships

The Jockey Club T.I.P. Championship will offer championship divisions for Hunters, Jumpers and English Pleasure, Dressage, Western Dressage and Western Pleasure. For information on the Championship Divisions, please see Division Descriptions. Each of the divisions at the Championships will offer prize money. The T.I.P. Championships will take place during the New Vocations All-Thoroughbred Charity Show at the Kentucky Horse Park. All rules of the New Vocations All-Thoroughbred Charity Horse Show will apply.

2019 Show Information
Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY

T.I.P. Championships & New Vocations All Thoroughbred Charity Show
Friday September 6, 2019 – Open Divisions
Saturday September 7, 2019 – Open Divisions; NEW Hunter Championships
Sunday September 8, 2019– Open Divisions; Jumper, Pleasure, Western Dressage and Dressage Championships

T.I.P. Awards also offered at the American Eventing Championships August 27 - September 1, 2019

Qualifying & Declaring for the Championships:
To qualify for the Championships, a T.I.P. eligible Thoroughbred must participate in a show offering T.I.P. high point awards, classes or divisions in the applicable discipline beginning August 1 of the prior year through July 31 of the Championship Year or participate in the T.I.P. Performance Awards in the applicable discipline. Horses can be shown in any Hunter, Jumper, Western or English Pleasure classes or divisions or any Dressage or Western Dressage classes at the show offering T.I.P. awards. Horses shown at a horse trial or combined test may also qualify for the Championships through their show jumping or dressage phase (as applicable).

  • Not able to attend a T.I.P. Show? (HARDSHIP REQUESTS) - Hardship requests to qualify for Championships will be considered ONLY for Thoroughbreds that are being shown during the Championship year, but were not able to attend a show with T.I.P. Awards and did not participate in the Performance Awards. To request qualification via a hardship request, you must submit a Declaration Form AND (i) a statement explaining in less than 500 words why you are not able to access shows with T.I.P. awards and (ii) a brief show record covering the Championship year, including show name, date, division, height jumped and any other relevant information. You must submit the Hardship statement by July 31, 2019. You will be notified if your hardship qualification has been accepted by August 15, 2019. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. HARDSHIP REQUESTS WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED IF THE HORSE HAS BEEN SHOWN DURING THE CHAMPIONSHIP YEAR.
After qualifying, owners and riders must declare their horse for the Championships by submitting a Horse Declaration Form, available at qualifying shows or on the Forms Page.

Each horse may only be entered in one (1) Championship Division. For jumping divisions the horse may be entered at or above the lowest height jumped during the Championship year. For Dressage, each horse may entered at or above the lowest level competed during the Championship year. Cross entering is not permitted. Horses may be declared for more than one division but can only enter one division at the Championships. Management reserves the right to limit, combine, split or cancel divisions.

Program Advertisements - Purchase an advertisement to be included in the commemorative program. Show your appreciation, wish your friend good luck, celebrate your success this year, or advertise your product to Thoroughbred enthusiasts! Deadline for inclusion is July 15. For more information, please see the T.I.P. Program Ad Order Form. Additional sponsorship opportunities and vendor space also available - contact us at tjctip@jockeyclub.com for more information.

Horse Show Information - Ready to enter the T.I.P. Championships? All entries are through the New Vocations All-Thoroughbred Charity Horse Show - see the Forms Page for more information. A preliminary prize list will be available in March. Entries will open May 1. Pre-Entry is required and your entry MUST BE POSTMARKED BY AUGUST 15.

We need VOLUNTEERS! - click here to download the form!

Show management reserves the right to combine, split, cancel or move classes and divisions as entries warrant, which could mean divisions may change days on which they run. Classes may not be run in the order listed in the class lists. It is the responsibility of the rider to inform the show secretary of any time conflicts as soon as possible after receiving the schedule. Management reserves the right to change officials, limit entries, combine or cancel classes, modify the schedule (including rings and days on which classes run), and modify or cancel awards and/or make whatever changes are required by circumstances to the competition specifications listed in the prize list or rules. Show Management reserves the right to cancel classes insufficiently filled and to refuse or require withdrawal of an entry for cause deemed sufficient by Show Management. Changes will be posted on the Facebook event page, sent via email to the address listed on show entry form and posted in the horse show offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I find a qualifying Show?
  2. How do I qualify?
    • Participate at a qualifying show and submit a Horse Declaration Form. Riders who do not have access to shows with T.I.P. Awards can fill out the Horse Declaration Form and submit a hardship statement explaining in less than 500 words why they are not able to access shows with T.I.P. awards to qualify for the Championships. HARDSHIP REQUESTS WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED IF THE HORSE HAS BEEN SHOWN DURING THE CHAMPIONSHIP YEAR.
  3. How do I enter?
  4. How do I get stalls and more information about the show itself?
  5. What are the deadlines?
    • Horse Declaration Forms must be postmarked by August 15.
    • Hardship declaration Forms must be postmarked by July 31.
    • Entries must be made and stalls must be reserved by August 15 (postmark).
  6. Why aren't championships being offered in Eventing?
    • . T.I.P. offers championship awards for eventing at the United States Eventing Association's American Eventing Championships