Prior to the Show

Notification of Awards - In December each year, a notification email will be sent to shows outlining the classes, divisions and/or high point awards approved for each show. Please keep the notification email for reference. All approved shows and awards will be posted on the T.I.P. Calendar of Events.

Changes to Approved Shows - Any changes in website links, dates, contact persons, show locations or other information as well as changes to T.I.P. awards from the notification email should be forwarded to T.I.P. as soon as possible.

Sponsorship Recognition - Horse shows shall recognize The Jockey Club for its sponsorship by placing the TJC T.I.P. logo on the show bill or prize list, by maintaining the name of the T.I.P. awards and classes as listed on the T.I.P. Awards and Classes Description, and by announcing The Jockey Club as class sponsor at the time of the class or award at the horse show. If applicable, please list the T.I.P. awards on omnibuses or other informational listings.

Shipping of Ribbons and Prizes - Horse shows awarded T.I.P. classes or awards will be provided with the ribbons and prizes for the approved classes/awards prior to the scheduled horse show date. Please note, we will request confirmation of shipping address (via email) prior to shipment and will not ship awards until the address has been confirmed. We may also hold off shipping additional ribbons if shows have not reported results from prior shows.

At The Show

Result Reporting:
  • Thoroughbred classes can be run concurrently with open divisions and may be combined at the discretion of the show if entries warrant.
  • Divisions Champions and High Point Awards should be calculated based on the host organization's competition scoring. In the case of a tie, the tie will be broken by the following:
    • Greatest number of blue ribbons, then
    • Greatest number of competitors in applicable classes.
  • Upon completion of the horse show, the horse show shall report the winners to The Jockey Club. An online reporting system is available under the Horse Show Personnel tab - login information and PINs will be emailed around the first week of the month of the show. For a hard copy form, please email Horse shows should return unused ribbons, awards and prize money to The Jockey Club.
  • For calculation of High Score (Dressage) awards, when calculating the award winner, shows are encouraged to add points to the final percentage score based on the degree of difficulty of the test as follows:
    • Training +1
    • First Level +3
    • Second Level +5
    • Third Level +7
    • Fourth Level +9
    • FEI Levels +11
  • For Low Score Combined Test Awards, similar additions can be made to total penalty points based on level. Point additions should be provided to award participants in the prize list.
Horse Eligibility:
  • For purposes of eligibility for all T.I.P. classes and awards, a "Thoroughbred" is defined as any horse that has been registered with The Jockey Club or a foreign Thoroughbred stud book approved by The Jockey Club and the International Stud Book Committee. Horse shows must enforce The Jockey Club's standards for T.I.P. eligibility. Riders and Owners must apply for a T.I.P. Number online. On the entry form and/or at registration, horse shows should collect the following information from T.I.P. participants to be provided to The Jockey Club upon conclusion of the horse show. It is the responsibility of the rider/owner to provide the horse show with the eligibility information, but please make an effort to include information in prize lists and omnibuses about your required recording of eligibility requirements, i.e. at registration on day of show, in online entry form, or both:
    • Horse's registered name, show name, rider name and T.I.P. Number (shows can look up T.I.P. numbers under the "Horse Show Personnel" tab); or
    • A completed T.I.P. Number request form, which should be returned to The Jockey Club (available on the Forms page).
  • If an owner or rider cannot provide the proof of eligibility as described above, the horse is not eligible for T.I.P. classes or awards.
  • Sign up for an Interactive Registration (IR) account at in order to look up pedigrees and tattoo numbers, including on mobile devices. Interactive Registration (IR) accounts are free.
Prize Money:
  • T.I.P. is no longer offering prize money at individual horse shows and horse trials.
  • If prize money is approved for series-end awards, The Jockey Club T.I.P. uses prize money certificates to pay any prize money directly to the winning rider or owner. Prize money is paid only after all results have been returned to The Jockey Club by the horse show organizer and horse eligibility confirmed.Horse show organizers are responsible for providing the prize money certificate to the winning horse's connections. The form is not available online but is available upon request via email.
Cancellations and Rescheduled Shows:
  • Horse shows should immediately notify The Jockey Club if the show is cancelled or rescheduled and must return all ribbons and awards to The Jockey Club in the event of cancellation.