Thoroughbred Recreational Riding Incentive Program

The Thoroughbred Recreational Riding Incentive Program (TRRIP) is designed to recognize and reward Thoroughbred owners and riders that enjoy recreational riding or driving on a regular basis.

General Information:

  • For purposes of eligibility for Thoroughbred Recreational Riding Incentive Program, a "Thoroughbred" is defined as any horse that has been registered with The Jockey Club or a foreign Thoroughbred stud book recognized by The Jockey Club. All horses must have a T.I.P. Number with the correct rider listed.
  • All riding or driving must be done on trails (including competitive trail rides), endurance rides, or other organized group rides (including hunts and hunter paces).
  • Arena riding, lesson hours, and show hours are not eligible.
  • Record time in one hour increments, rounding down to the nearest whole hour.
  • Eligible hours begin January 1, 2017. There is no time limit for completion of the award levels.
  • Hour logs must be submitted on provided forms.
  • If you want to record your hours electronically, check out Kentucky Equine Research ClockIt™ Sport. This is a free mobile app that allows you to easily track time and mileage for the Thoroughbred Recreational Riding Incentive Program. Simply download the app, create an account, and start a session on your phone the next time you ride! You can see detailed session reports and build summaries of total riding time. You can also use an optional heart-rate monitor to gain insight into your horse’s fitness level. For more information and tips on getting started, visit the KER ClockIt website.

For more information and to download the reporting forms, click here.

Award Levels

Number of Hours
25 Hours
100 Hours
250 Hours
500 Hours
1,000 Hours
Picture Frame
1,500 Hours
2,000 Hours
Saddle pad or saddle blanket
3,000 Hours
5,000 Hours
10,000 Hours
Fleece Jacket

Other Endurance, Competive Trail and Obstacle Trail Programs

American Endurance Ride Conference - T.I.P. offers Thoroughbred breed awards for the AERC Season. Website:
Southeastern Distance Riders Association - T.I.P. offers Thoroughbred breed awards for the SEDRA Season. Website:
Equine Trail Sports- T.I.P. offers Thoroughbred breed awards for the ETS Season. Website:
Performance Awards – Endurance and Obstacle Mileage are offered on an annual basis and are horse based. Miles are only counted from competitions. To record non–competition hours, please use the Thoroughbred Recreational Riding Incentive Program Forms. Competition year begins December 1 and ends November 30. To download forms, visit